Geospatial Technician Education Unmanned Aircraft Systems (GeoTEd-UAS)

2017 GeoTEd-UAS Faculty Institute at Virginia Tech, May 21-26, 2017

What: GeoTEd-UAS Institute Professional Development Cohort

Who: Community College Faculty (full-time faculty only)

Topic: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Operations Technician Training

When: May 21-26, 2017 and Spring 2018 

Where: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Application and more information:

Travel: Community colleges are expected to cover the cost of transportation to the workshop (Blacksburg), and provide leadership and support for the development of UAS pathways at their respective colleges.

Requirements: The GeoTEd-UAS Institute is available to full-time community college faculty. A limited number of stipends are available. Faculty will receive an $800 stipend for each year ($1,600 total) provided that expectations within and outside of the institute are met. These expectations include:

  • Attend the GeoTEd-UAS Institute (5 days) in the Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 (late May, early June) in Blacksburg, VA.
  • Develop courses and pathways at your college to prepare UASOT.
  • Access the offerings of other colleges as needed to provide UASOT opportunities to students. Become a college-wide resource in the use and application of UAS to faculty in other curricula.
  • Provide training to those faculty in the legal, safe, and productive operation and analysis of UAS collected data.
  • Publicize the use of UAS to increase UASOT program enrollment in both your service region and across the state and region.

What is GeoTEd-UAS?
UAS represent a new data collection tool that can add tremendous value to industry and decision making. Many existing employment sectors have an immediate need for UASOT to take advantage of UAS operations capabilities.  The GeoTEd-UAS Institute will provide training for community college faculty in the operation of UAS so that faculty will be better prepared to provide the trained technicians needed to meet employer demand.


The GeoTEd Project Will Continue as Geospatial Technician Education Unmanned Aircraft Systems (GeoTEd-UAS)!

July 22, 2016 --- The National Science Foundation Advanced Technolocial Education (NSF-ATE) program recently awarded the Geospatial Technician Education -- Unmanned Aircraft Systems (GeoTEd-UAS) project. The nearly $900,000 NSF-ATE project grant will support the team to build on the work of previous GeoTEd projects and integrate UAS and GIS into community college curriculum.  

Thomas Nelson Community College, Mountain Empire Community College, Virginia Community College System, Virginia Tech, and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium are partnering on this new project to develop and build academic pathways in UAS at Virginia's community colleges. Faculty professional development and mentoring and some precollege student activities will also be components of the project.

The project will officially begin August 1, 2016 and a DACUM panel will be convened in late August to assess the current knowledge and skills needed by UAS operations technicians.

A new and expanded GeoTEd-UAS website will be coming soon!