I Got Hit With a $124 Ticket Because I Didn’t Take This Vital Driving Advice


Oct 27th, 2022 Updated

Written By Justin, L | Geoted Car Gadgets


No matter how safe of a driver you are, you might be powerless to the word of a police officer who thinks they saw you commit an infraction.

I never used to use a dash cam because I thought nothing like that would ever happen to me since I’m a good driver. I also thought if it ever did, the other person would do the right thing, or the officer would surely be reasonable.

I was very, very wrong, and I learned my lesson one night in Washington, and now I’m an advocate for everyone to get a dash cam for their car.

My Biggest Mistake

I’ve always been a safe driver. I always use a blinker, check my mirrors, and drive defensively. Having two teenagers, I am also well aware of the dangers of texting and driving, and I would never dream of using my phone behind the wheel, especially on the freeway.

One morning when I was driving to work in Bellevue on the I-405 in Washington state, my daughter called me. My phone is connected to the bluetooth in my Subaru Outback, so I answered hands-free.

After a minute of speaking with her, I saw the tell-tale lights of a police officer, and I pulled over to the side. I truly had no idea what I did wrong.

The officer accused me of talking on my cell phone while driving. I guess he saw me talking in the car, and assumed I was on my phone – but I absolutely wasn’t. Regardless, I’m not one to argue with law enforcement, so I accepted the ticket which was $124.

I know that police officers are just trying to do their jobs like everyone else, but I felt like this was really out of line. I felt totally helpless because there was no way I could prove I wasn’t talking on my phone. A classic case of his word against mine.

My black friend got out of a $500 ticket.

When I told my friend, Vincent, about the wrongful ticket, he had a similar story to share.

Vincent is black, and he believed he was racially profiled on the road. He got pulled over for running a red light one time in Los Angeles at night. The tickets in LA are way more expensive than the rest of the country, and he had to pay $500!

Except, he didn’t.

When Vincent got the ticket, he just nodded and took it. When he went to court, he simply told the prosecutor he had the dash cam footage. The prosecutor quietly dropped the case, and the matter was settled within minutes.

The judge said it happens all the time, and he wishes everyone would use a dash cam in their car.

This little footage saved him $500

A Dash Cam is a Witness

I had always read about people using dash cams online, but I always thought they were for recording cool time lapse videos or proving your innocence in the event of a collision. I have really good car insurance, so I never really thought I’d need one.

After getting this, well, I’ll just say it – stupid – ticket that was completely undeserved, I really changed my mind. If I had a dash cam when that cop pulled me over, I would have easily done what Vincent did, and simply showed it to the court. The evidence would be right there for everyone to see, and I would walk away scot-free – easy.

Vincent already knew that, which is why he uses a dash cam anytime he’s behind the wheel.

I didn’t waste a second to get a dash cam after that.

There was no way I wasn’t going to go another day on the road without having a dash cam set up, so I did some research.

The camera that Vincent used was a popular brand called Cobra. He said it worked really well for a while, but it was kind of cheap in quality because it started to malfunction after just a year, and even lost some crucial footage when some numskull scraped up his parked car.

Considering the $100+ price tag, I’d say that brand is just all talk and no performance.

Which Dash Cam do I recommend?

A quick search online pulled up tons of cameras, but people kept recommending this one brand called Car Dash Camera. I could already tell this was the sort of dash cam I was looking for. It was straightforward, sturdy, and reliable. It had over 1,800 verified positive reviews, but still the price was very affordable.

A closer look at the specs confirmed it.

The Features That Make Car Dash Camera the Best Choice

Upon my inspection of the Car Dash Camera with other dash cams, I could see that it clearly had the most value.

Both front and rear camera: Many other dash cams only capture the outside, but this brand captures everything both outside and inside the car at 170° in indisputable 4K ultra HD (that means it would have shown me not talking on my cell phone that one day in Bellevue). 

G-sensor: This feature records and saves the footage of any sudden change in acceleration, including someone hitting your car while it’s parked.  

Automatic Save: Whenever a collision or incident is detected, either in motion or parked, the camera automatically saves the footage and locks it in for irrefutable evidence, not manually like some other cameras. 

Loop Recording: The camera is recording 24/7, and putting the footage on an included SD card. Whenever the card is full, it automatically records over the oldest footage. This is a huge plus because many brands force you to manually delete old footage to make space.

Night Vision Lens: Many complaints about dash cams are about the recordings being blurry at night. Car Dash Camera had the best reviews for this feature, which is absolutely necessary.  

Easy setup: It’s a simple peel and stick with a strong adhesive. This is a huge plus because it’ll be easy for my teenagers and elderly mother to set up. 

What other benefits come with a dash cam?

Capture Footage as You Drive
Capture Footage Inside Your Car

Protecting you from wrongful citations isn’t the only thing a dash cam can do for you. Throughout my research, I came across countless accounts involving all kinds of benefits. 

Save time filing insurance claims. Since you have cut-and-dry evidence right there, you save a ton of time when filing insurance claims, and you’ll always get the money (as long as you really are innocent and it’s in your policy, of course).

Prove your innocence in an accident. Even though you’re a safe driver, you can’t expect everyone else to be the same. I read countless stories of people hit by other, careless drivers, and getting out of huge tickets, and even jail time, because of their dash cam. 

Help out other drivers. Another common theme with dash cams is that you could be a helpful witness or even the hero in another driver’s case.

Catch a hit and run offender. That jerk who dinged your car while you were parked at the corner store? Well, now you have their license plate number, and you can reach him to settle a claim (assuming your dash cam actually saves it, which Car Dash Camera definitely will). 

Deter theft and vandalization. Any criminal will always check for a dash cam before they act. Simply having one in your window prevents the crime in the first place.  

There are countless benefits of having the Car Dash Camera, and this particular brand packs just as much value as the big brands, but honestly it’ll last you even longer. 

Where can you get the top-rated Car Dash Camera, and how much does it cost?

A lot of people want to know where the best place is to get the Car Dash Camera. 

I bought it directly from their website at the full price of $89.99, which in my mind was already a steal. When I checked the website as of March 2, 2022, I was shocked to see they were running a steep discount, so it actually costs $59.99, plus a 30-day money back guarantee

It might not still be there by the time you’re reading this, so I suggest you click the link right now to see if it’s still available, and snatch it up right away if it is.

Click here to go to the website and see if you can get the discount price >>

Conclusion: Is it worth it to have a dash cam?

At this point I don’t even think I need to say it, but I will. YES.

It is 2022, and there are more cars on the road than ever. Even if you drive 5 minutes a day to your kids’ school, or if you commute an hour and a half both ways. It costs less than a tank of gas to have a 24/7 witness in your car, and it could save you so much trouble if anything does happen.

I would never in a million years drive my car without one now. If you care at all about protecting your good driving, then don’t hesitate to buy one – you won’t regret it.

Just click the link below to get the truly best value dash cam out there, and you can thank me later.

UPDATE Tuesday, October 28, 2022 – Ever since the Car Dash Camera was featured on several popular media sites, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 790,000 sets. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.