Scratchundo Pro Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam?


Written By Russel Martin | Smarter Choice

If you own a car then you know the pain of a scratch in your car. Scratch is just a nightmare for every car owner. No matter how carefully you drive or maintain your car, sometimes scratch will find you. I’m confident because this happens to me and not a single time. I got a scratch on my car 17 or more times in a year. As a car enthusiast, these scratches are very annoying things for me.

So I had done some research to get rid of these scratches and find this magical tool “ScratchUndo Pro”. This innovative gel application pen is specially designed to cover your car scratches. After using it these days, I’ve become a fan of this outstanding scratch remover pen. This is the reason, here in this ScratchUndo Pro Review, I’m going to share my experience with you about this super amazing tool.

What Is ScratchUndo Pro?

In a simple word, ScratchUndo Pro is a very innovative gel application pen that is designed for covering/removing light scratches from your car. The strength of this magical tool is it perfectly works with every car paint color.

Basically, the gel of this pen has an acidic solution that quickly dissolved in the scratch area. When the solution hardens, it takes the color from the surroundings to cover the scratch area. With this pen, you can patch all the scratches on your car and give it its old existing look.

Though the gel of this pen contains an acidic solution, it doesn’t harm the color of your car. Using this pen is very simple and easy that anybody can easily use it without any prior knowledge.

Does ScratchUndo Pro actually work?

Basically, ScratchUndo Pro is a uniquely designed gel application pen that helps the car-owner to fix car scratches in the most effective & efficient way. I used this pen tool with my three different cars which have three different colors.

Surprisingly, it works smoothly and effectively with all those varieties of colors. All that I do is clean the area of the scratch smoothly then apply the gel of this pen. Within a couple of seconds, the solution dissolved the scratch area by taking the color of the surroundings. Once it gets hardened, I found no scratch on the scratch area. To conclude this section, I can assure you that this car scratch remover works perfectly and efficiently.

Features of ScratchUndo Pro

Let’s check the features of this ScratchUndo Pro to learn about this tool more deeply and precisely. Down this section, I’m going to list some of the amazing features of this scratch remover tool that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Fix the Scratches Instantly:

To remove any kinds of scratches from your car immediately, you can use this colorless scratch removing pen. After applying the gel of this pen to the scratch area you’ll get a smooth and effective result instantly. Trust me, I got an amazing output in my first application. It just vanishes the scratch immediately once you apply.

Works Effectively With any Color and Surface:

This is the versatile part of this tool. It doesn’t matter what sort of material and color your car has, you can use it without any worries. Because the scratch remover pen effectively works with all types of paint color and material like plastic, metal, fiber.

Easy Application:

Using this scratch remover pen is very easy and simple. Anybody can easily use it without any prior knowledge. All that you have to do is to follow some basic instructions to remove any sort of scratches from your car.

Safe to Use:

Most of the car scratching removing tools available in the market are produced with harmful chemicals which sometimes ruin the color of your car. But ScratchUndo Pro is completely safe here, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemical that could ruin the color of your car paint.



Making a decision about this tool without checking this section would be unwise. Because here in this part of this ScratchUndo Pro Review, I’m going to show you some advantages of this tool that I’ve experienced by myself. The most majestic part of this scratch-removing tool is its quick-fixing facilities. Every time, I applied this tool to any scratch of my car, I got an instant output.

Besides that, the fixes last effectively for a long period of time. And, the most versatile part of this scratch removing tool is it perfectly works with all sorts of colors and materials. As a result, you can fix any color of the car made with any material without any worries. Furthermore, its compact shape and super portability allow you to carry it with you every time you go for a ride without any problem.


As I’ve been using this tool for almost one year, I didn’t experience anything wrong with this tool at all. To me, the only downside of this tool is its availability. Because this scratch-removing tool is available only online. You can only get it from ScratchUndo Pro’s official site. Besides that, the manufacturer of this tool produced it with limited quality. As a result, some of the time ScratchUndo Pro gets stock out.

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Before getting this scratch-removing tool for myself, I had studied more than 100 real buyers’ reviews to learn about this tool more precisely. Surprisingly, during my research, I didn’t find a single customer objection against it. Though later I understood the reason, once I started using it.

The summary of the customer’s feedback is, it helps them to get an instant output to remove any kind of scratch on their cars. Some mentioned that it is an effective and budget-friendly solution instead of taking the car to a car repairing center. Moreover, people love its easy-to-use operating system.

How Can I Use ScratchUndo Pro?

If you’re a new user of this tool then it’s natural to be curious to know how to use this device properly. For your convenience, right below this section, I’m going to show how I use this device.

  • At first, I cleaned the scratch area of my car.
  • Then I shake the tools vigorously to get the smooth flow of the gel.
  • After that, I checked the tip of the pen and made sure it’s pointed down, then I started the press and release process.
  • I apply the gel of this ScratchUndo Pro on the scratch area of my car.
  • Once I complete the process of applying the gel, I use a tissue or a clean cloth to wipe the excess gel around the scratch. This ensures the entire surface of my vehicle maintains an equal level.

If you complete all the steps as I mention, you can effectively remove the scratch of your car within a minute.

Is ScratchUndo Pro a scam?

As you have heard about this device for the first time, it’s a very common question to ask if this is a real product or scam? Even I had the same question one year before when I heard about ScratchUndo Pro for the first time. But after using this tool these days, it becomes my one of the daily companions.

Every time I go for a ride, I take this magical pen with me. A lot of time it helps me to get out of unwanted arguments with other car owners. Whenever I put any scratch unintentionally with other cars or my car, I just use it and within a minute it solves the problem.  I believe you get the answer to your question if it is a scam or a real product.

Where I Can Buy It?

The easiest and the safest process to get this scratch-removing tool is to get it from the manufacturer’s website. This will ensure you get the 100% original product with other facilities provided by the manufacturer.

Besides that, by purchasing the product from its official site, you may get a huge 50% discount as long as the promo discount exists.

Final Thought

No matter how safely you drive your car, sometimes things get out of our control and mistakes could occur anytime. So if unintentionally you put a scratch on someone’s car or your car, what would you do? Well! If you read this ScratchUndo Pro Review, you know exactly what you have to do.

This innovative scratch-removing pen will surely help you to avoid any kind of unwanted arguments when the matter is about scratching. Just apply the gel of this pen to the scratch area and get remove the scratch instantly. Because of its portable size and compact shape, you can easily carry it with you every time you drive your car.

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